GRETINA Users Group Charter

1. Definition and Purpose:

The GRETINA-GRETA Users Group is an organization of scientists interested in using the array for scientific research. The purposes of this association are:

(a) To provide a formal channel for the exchange of information and advice between the scientists who use the array and (i) the GRETINA Technical Lead, (ii) the management of the host laboratory where the array is or will be installed and (iii) the GRETA Project Director.

(b) To encourage and support further developments of the capabilities of GRETINA-GRETA, in concert with the GRETINA Technical Lead and GRETA Project Director, by continued research on gamma-ray detectors and by promoting the development of auxiliary equipment which enhances the physics that can be done with the array.

(c) To, in concert with the GRETINA Technical Lead and the GRETA Project Director as appropriate, establish and coordinate focused/topical community working groups in support of development of the array.

(d) To provide a means for the exchange of information and advice among the users and to facilitate collaboration of interested users in experiments, aspects of data analysis, technical developments or the operation of the array.

(e) To promote GRETINA-GRETA as a research tool within the Nuclear Physics community at large and with the funding agencies.

2. Membership:

The membership of the GRETINA-GRETA Users' Group is open to all scientists interested in the research and/or technical programs associated with the array. Following the completion of the original membership list, new members will be added by action of the Executive Committee of the Users' Group upon receipt of a written request. The updated list of the membership is held by the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Users' Group.

3. Executive Committee:

An Executive Committee will conduct the day-to-day business of the GRETINA-GRETA Users' Group. This committee consists of five voting members, selected from the Users' Group membership. The members of the Executive Committee must be active users of the array, and no two voting members can be from the same institution. The GRETINA Technical Lead (or a designee) and the GRETA Project Director (or a designee) will be non-voting ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

New member(s) of the Executive Committee will be elected annually by members of the Users' Group by written ballot and shall take office on February 1. The normal term of office is two years.

The Executive Committee will propose a slate of at least three candidates for the open elected position(s) on the Executive Committee. Written nominations signed by at least seven members of the Users' Group from a minimum of three different institutions shall also be accepted. Members may only serve up to two consecutive terms.

The Executive Committee will select one of its members to serve as Chair and another to serve as Secretary. Neither the Chair nor the Secretary will be associated with the laboratory where the array is housed at that particular time. The term of the Chair is one year.

If a vacancy arises on the Executive Committee, the remaining Committee members will select a member of the Users' Group to serve out the unexpired term. The unexpired term counts as one term for the selected member. In the event that the Chair's or the Secretary's position becomes vacant, the members of the Committee shall first select a new member as described above, and then proceed with an election to the vacated position. The newly selected Committee member may not be a candidate to the Chair's or Secretary's position.

4. Procedures:

(a) The Executive Committee will meet at least once each quarter of any given year. The minimal quorum for all meetings of the Executive Committee is three members.

(b) The Executive Committee may, on its own initiative, and shall, upon written request of a minimum of 10 members of the Users' Group from a minimum of three different institutions, submit questions for consideration to the full membership. Issues raised by a majority of those present at an official meeting of the Users' Group must also be presented for consideration to the full membership.

(c) The Users' Group shall meet at least once a year at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee. In addition, the Executive Committee shall organize, or help organize GRETINA-GRETA related workshops.

(d) The Executive Committee will confer with the GRETINA Technical Lead and with the Scientific Director (or designee) of the host facility on the timely distribution of information concerning the use of GRETINA and its scientific program. As the GRETINA-GRETA Users' Group represents only a subset of all the users at the host facility where the array is located, the Executive Committee will make every effort to maintain excellent relations with the Users' group at the facility.

(e) The elections to the Executive Committee will be organized by the Secretary of the Executive Committee.

5. Amendments:

Amendments to this Charter will be accomplished by a two-thirds majority vote of ballots cast by the membership at large. Proposed changes may be submitted by majority vote at a meeting or workshop, or by petition to the Executive Committee from a minimum of 10 members of the Users' Group from a minimum of three different institutions.

6. Code of Conduct:

The GRETINA-GRETA Users Group is an open organization of scientists interested in using the gamma-ray tracking arrays GRETINA and GRETA for scientific research. Scientists from a variety of backgrounds perform cutting-edge research with the array to answer questions in nuclear structure and reactions, nuclear astrophysics, and to test fundamental symmetries. The users are represented by the GRETINA-GRETA User Executive Committee (GUEC), which communicates on their behalf with the project management, host facilities, and funding agencies.

The Users Group expects that all users behave in a respectful and collegial manner to create a professional, supportive, and inclusive research environment. Research outlets shall properly reflect individual contributions. The GRETINA-GRETA Users Group will not tolerate unprofessional, disruptive, discriminating, or harassing behavior of any kind. To this end, we endorse the APS Guidelines for Professional Conduct and the AAS Code of Ethics. Users are expected to follow the U.S. Department of Energy Harassment Policy, the National Science Foundation Sexual Harassment Policy as well as the codes of conduct of the host facilities, i.e., of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). The host facilities will enforce the policies on their premises.

Violations of the code of conduct for the GRETINA-GRETA Users Group should be reported to the GUEC. Sanctions for users found in violation of this code of conduct include warnings, exclusion from events and workshops, and expulsion from the Users Group.