GRETA Community

GRETINA / GRETA Lead Institution 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Augusto MacchiavelliProject Leader

GRETINA / GRETA Committees and Advisory Groups

GRETINA Advisory Committee (GAC)
  • David Radford, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Chair)
  • Con Beausang, University of Richmond
  • Mike Carpenter, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Partha Chowdhury, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  • Mario Cromaz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Mark Riley, Florida State University
  • Demetrios Sarantites, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Dirk Weisshaar, Michigan State University / NSCL
GRETINA Users Executive Committee (GUEC)
  • Paul Fallon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Chair)
  • Mitch Allmond, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
  • Partha Chowdhury, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (GAC member)
  • Alexandra Gade, Michigan State University / NSCL
  • Torben Lauritsen, Argonne National Laboratory
Community Endorsements for GRETA

“The detection of γ-ray emissions from excited nuclei plays a vital and ubiquitous role in nuclear science. The physics justification for a 4π tracking array is extremely compelling, spanning a wide range of fundamental questions in nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, and weak interactions.” 
-- 2002 NSAC Long Range Plan 

 “Construction of GRETA should begin immediately upon the successful completion of the GRETINA array” 
-- 2007 NSAC Long Range Plan 

“The SAC viewed the science addressed in your submission as having the highest scientific priority and this was communicated to the FRIB Laboratory Director. […] The SAC reiterates the support for GRETA in the LRP and looks forward to the initiation of GRETA construction following the successful campaign of GRETINA at the NSCL..” 
-- 2011 FRIB SAC Report